SMARTVOX-A Web-Based Distributed Media Player as Notation Tool For Choral Practices – J Bell, B Matuszewski, Tenor 2017, La Coruña, Spain.

Audio-scores, a resource for composition and computer-aided performance J Bell – Guildhall School of Music and Drama (doctoral thesis), 2016, London, UK.

Audiovisual scores and parts synchronized over the web – J Bell, 2018, Montreal, Canada.

Animated Notation, Score Distribution and AR-VR Environments for Spectral Mimetic Transfer in Music Composition – TENOR 2019 – J Bell, B Carey, Melbourne, Australia.

Avant-gardes in Musical Notation and Their Impact on the Music – J Bell Sofia, Bulgaria.

The BabelBox: an Embedded system for Score Distribution on Raspberry Pi with INScore, SmartVox and BabelScores – J Bell, D Fober, D Fígols-Cuevas, P Garcia-Velasquez – CMMR 2019, Marseille, France.

The Risset Cycle, Recent Use Cases With SmartVox – J Bell, ICMC, New-York, USA.

Networked Head-Mounted Displays for Animated Notation and Audio-Scores with SmartVox – J Bell – NIME 2019, Porto Allegre, Brazil.

Partitions Distribuées en Réseau dans le Cycle In Memoriam JC Risset, JIM 2019, Bayonne, France.

Polyphonic Singing presented as a Multiplayer Classroom Online Game, JIM 2018, Amiens, France.

Common Ground, music and movement directed by a Raspberry Pi, Tenor 2020, Melbourne, Australia

Improvements in Bach 0.8.1, a User’s Perspective, Turin, Italia.

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